Monday, 28 September 2015

Cacti Pin Cushions

There seem to be a lot of lovely cacti designs around at the moment. I have several cacti that live in the conservatory. These ones used to belong to my mother and have been around for a long time. I love the old fashioned dish they are in, although they would probably benefit from being re-potted.
These are not quite as old but arrived as little starter plants.
Stephanie at Ric-Rac has been creating these gorgeous designs.
Copyright Stephanie Thannhauser
You can see more at her posts Cacti and Cacti collage experiments. I am hoping they may turn into some of Stephanie's wonderful fabric designs. 
It set me thinking about making some cacti. Surely cacti were made for pins. Out came the felt and I began experimenting with shapes.
I machine stitched them first to give some strength and then blanket stitched by hand around the edges with stranded thread.
They needed stuffing really firmly if they were to take pins. The bottom of each cacti was left open so that it could be attached to the fabric "compost".
Felt flowers came next to add some decoration.
Finally, came the task of attaching the cacti to the fabric "compost" cushion.  This was the tricky bit. Trying to get the cacti to sit on the cushion without wobbling and making the cushion the right size to sit in the little terracotta pots. After a few stabbed fingers and stuffing adjustments it all came together.
Ribbon and ric-rac were added to the pots and they were all ready for pins........
.........or posing in the garden pretending to be real!


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