Saturday, 5 September 2015

Unexpected Gifts

Last year I inherited a large box of wool, tapestry kits and many skeins of tapestry wool from a family friend. J had been a very creative person making a range of cushions, beautifully knitted garments and handcrafted gifts.

Initially, I sorted through the kits and decided it may be possible to sell some of them on ebay. They went surprisingly well and made a tidy sum for J's favourite charity. Friends had a good morning rummaging and choosing what they could use. The pile was getting smaller but what to do with all those odd skeins of wool that were left?

I loved the bright cheery colours and really wanted to DO something with them. It was about this time that I discovered Attic 24 and Lucy's wonderful, colourful, crochet world and inspiration struck.
Would the tapestry wool crochet? It had been ages since I picked up a crochet hook, so time for some experimentation. A 5.00mm crochet hook worked well as the tapestry wool was similar to DK wool. I had spotted  a granny square pattern in Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers by Nicki Trench, which looked like it may work well with the range of colours I had.

It was possible to make 6 squares using 8 skeins of wool, 3 for the centre flower, 2 for the middle round and 3 for the outside. This was not a project I sat at, but did as and when mood and time allowed. It was quite handy to transport around as 8 skeins and a hook fitted easily into a small bag.
The pile of squares grew steadily. Now how was I going to join all these crazy colours together? At the bottom of J's box was a pack of blue DK wool. Some of it had been used to make Little S a bolero cardigan.
There was lots left so hopefully it would be enough go round all the colourful squares.
I worked a simple double crochet edge to each of the squares and it was amazing what a difference the blue border made.
Phew, there was enough wool to do all the squares, crochet them together and
Ta Dahhhh..........
....................even enough left over for a border.

The colours are a bit random but they make me smile with their bright cheerfulness.
Thank you Lucy getting me crocheting again and thank you J for the unexpected gift. Your memory will live on in this blanket and the many other beautiful gifts you made in your lifetime.

I have now caught the crochet bug and currently have an Attic 24 ripple blanket and a granny square cushion on the go. More about those another time.


  1. LOVE the crochet throw - my mum is teaching me to crochet but she says I crochet as though I am knitting so my tension is rubbish : ( Will keep practicing x

  2. Thanks Steph - keep practicing you will get there. We could get together for a hooky session sometime. X


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