Monday, 19 October 2015

Garden Inspired Needlecases

My garden provides me with lots of inspiration, from colour combinations, to flowers to stitch. As it was dull and drizzly today I decided to cheer myself up by looking through this summers garden photos. The garden has provided a lot of inspiration for needlecases this year.

It is only a few weeks since these photos of pink anemones against the beautiful blue sky was taken. It feels warmer already! The anemones always bring a splash of colour to the garden at the end of the season and never fail to make me smile.
The delicate pink and burst of yellow in the centre makes them stand out against the sky.
The Cath Kidston fabric on these needlecases is similar in tone, with the pink against the blue. I added touches of yellow in the embroidered flowers to add some contrast.
 Daisies of any shape and colour are a personal favourite and these bright yellow daisies with the limey green foliage just shout sunshine. The butterfly loves them too. This photo would have been better if the daisies had been dead-headed first but I was too keen to catch the butterfly. Apparently, it is a female gatekeeper butterfly, which I have just had to look up as I had no idea what is was.
 Countryfile on the BBC offered free packs of Go Wild seeds in the Spring to encourage people to grow wild, native plants in their gardens to attract and support wildlife. As I try to grow as many native plants as possible to help bees and butterflies I immediately sent off for a pack. After following the instructions, this was the result.
It has attracted lots of lovely insects, particularly bees and I shall be definitely buying packs of wild flower mix seeds next year.

The combination of the red and yellow of the poppies and daisies influenced the colours I chose on these two needlecases. My real wheelbarrow is too rusty to be used, so it sits in the front garden and makes a great planter. The blue jug on the second needlecase was inspired by an old jug that sits on the kitchen table with garden flowers in it, for as much of the year as I can find plants to gather.
 The blues, purples and pinks used on these needlecases are similar to the flowers in the old blue jug.

My garden is rather wild and plants often seed themselves around the place, so there are no subtle colour combinations, which I admire in other people's gardens. It is more like an explosion in a paint factory effect, but I have learned to love the way nature throws things together. The riot of colours bring me joy in their exuberance.
I try to be a bit more subtle when putting colours together to stitch. Daisies feature again in this wheelbarrow with a few forget-me-nots underneath. There are so many wonderful designs in welly-boots now and I would love a spotty pair, but will have to be content with stitching them for now. They make an ideal container for red tulips.
Bees enjoy the aqualegia flowers and alliums early in the season and its great to hear them humming as they busily collect nectar and pollen. It would be good to keep bees and chickens, which feature on these two needlecases, but as I react badly to bee stings, it is probably not a good idea.
I bought a bee box recently, so at least they will find shelter in the garden this winter. 
Well, the summer is over and the pots of flowers have faded but the photos will still provide lots of inspiration. This pot of petunias would make a good needlecase cover, but I think I shall just use the pinks and mauves and forget the orange geranium that crept in by mistake!