Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Finally Finished

Why do some projects take so much longer than others to complete? The jumpers for the little people have taken a disproportionate amount of time to finish compared to their size. Although the yarn is exactly the same brand and weight, the red was much bulkier than the green. Presumably this must be the effect different dyes have on the fibres. The pattern did not knit up as expected with the sleeves having to be altered and the button holes moved but FINALLY there are finished.

I am not even sure if I like them but that is probably more to do with having to unravel them several times. However, I am pleased they are finished so I can start a new project or just get on with crocheting a few more rows on the ripple blanket.

In contrast a few other projects have come together quickly with much more satisfying results.

Like a lot of fabricaholics I have a large stash of different fabrics hidden away in drawers and cupboards. Often fabric calls to be taken home, particularly when it is in a sale or bargain basket. That maybe my Yorkshire heritage coming out, but we all like a bargain surely? I picked up a small remnant of polyester fur fabric at the John Lewis sale last summer. It was the grand price of 64 pence! I thought I may be able to get a waistcoat out of it, but amazingly there was just enough for two. One for each of the little people.

They were really quick and fun to make and although I was tempted to put applique shapes on the leatherette side I decided they were best plain so they could be worn either way. I am not quite sure what the Littlies will make of them but they make great dressing up clothes.

This fabric was bought at the Quilt Show at the NEC Birmingham last August with the intention of making S a Christmas dress. It came from one of my favorite fabric shops, The Shuttle in Shipley, West Yorkshire. Whenever I go up to Yorkshire I always call in, but it is great to be able to see them at the major textiles exhibitions too. Sadly, like many others, they were flooded in the Boxing Day storms. I just hope they can recover from all the damage. 
Good intentions feel by the wayside so the Christmas dress is now a Winter pinafore.

I have a large box of buttons that have been acquired over the years from charity shops and vintage fairs. I prefer to use old buttons as I think they give an item of clothing character. I found these two in the box this morning, which have 'croissant life' on them. I would love to know where they came from, but fit in well with the fabric of the pinafore.

Finally, a skirt for me. This was also a remnant and came from the Shuttle on a visit to Yorkshire in June last year. The pattern came from the December '15 issue of  Prima magazine. I have been using their patterns for many years as they are quite straight forward and easy to adapt. For some reason I find it impossible to follow a dress pattern properly and have to add my own interpretation. The fabric is bright and cheerful and perfect for brightening up dull winter days.

Now could someone explain to me why it took a couple of months to complete two small jumpers but only 3 days to stitch four items of clothing?!


  1. hahaha i have no answers only loads more examples of strange behaviour in my own work in progress piles. Loving all your bits and bobs, I hope one of these days I'll get back to my machine and follow your lead. x

  2. Thank you Kate, it is lovely to hear from you. Hopefully when you go into winter you will have more time for your sewing machine.


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