Friday, 19 February 2016

Five on Friday

I regularly read the Five on Friday blog posts and have considered joining in but quickly dismissed it as I am still just getting to grips with blogging. I read Amy's post at lovemademyhome last week and discovered it will be the first anniversary of Five on Friday today and she hoped more people would join in to celebrate, which made me reconsider. 

Time to be brave, so here are my Five on Friday. 
They are a little random but sort of sum up my week.

My very first pair of knitted socks completed this week. I am a fairly basic knitter and the idea of turning a heel has put me off attempting them before. There are so many wonderful yarns that are hard to resist that I was finally tempted to have a go. So I joined the Sockalong Group and bought Christine Perry's wonderful book Super Socks, a set of double ended needles and a 30cm circular needle. It was hard going to begin with and the first sock is not perfect but the second sock was much quicker and I think I am now hooked as I have already bought more yarn for another pair. Well, the wool was on offer so it would be rude to refuse.

There have been some cold and frosty mornings this week but with bright sunny skies too. It is such a relief to see blue sky after the many grey, damp and wet days that seem to have dominated this winter. A friend and I took my crutches for a walk in our local wood. It is part of an ancient woodland that has been protected from development and managed by the Parks Trust. There are some gravel paths and others covered in bark chippings so perfect for disabled access. It is not quite the same as walking in my beloved Yorkshire Dales but great to be able to get out and about and feel the fresh cold air blowing the cobwebs away. We were rewarded with this lovely hazel tree showing off it's catkins in the sunlight. 

There is something very relaxing about crocheting basic granny squares. I have been working on these 3 inch squares for Jill at Emerald Cottage who is planning to create a banner to raise awareness for World Autism Awareness Week in April. Jill is also running the London Marathon to raise money for the National Autistic Society. This charity is close to my heart because I did voluntary work in a nursery for Autistic children many, many years ago. It was quite difficult but incredibly rewarding and encouraged me to follow a career working with children. 

The hyacinths I planted in January and wrote about here have straightened themselves up and look much better than expected. Nature is amazing! They smell wonderful too and it is great to be greeted by their perfume as soon as you walk in the door.

Work in progress. A friend came round with instructions for a Twiddlemuff  and asked if I would make one or had any spare wool to donate to a local group who create them. I had never heard of a Twiddlemuff before but apparently they are really useful for patients with  Dementia. They provide comfort and warmth and something to twiddle rather than plucking at clothing or pulling out medical equipment. The instructions are very straight forward and a great way to use up left over stash. I am looking forward to decorating it with crocheted flowers, buttons and all the other thousand things in my 'bits and pieces' drawer.  

So that is my Five on Friday and was not so difficult. 
I just hope I can link it in now.
Fingers crossed!


  1. Lovely, you have been busy! All your makes look brilliant, everyone seems to be making socks at the moment, I must have a go. :-)

  2. You have linked and joined in perfectly!! Lovely to stop by your blog! I am in love with your socks!! I wish I could make something so wonderful, hope you love wearing them! The muff is a great idea, I know they are very helpful indeed to those who are in such need. Thank you so much for joining in the anniversary of Five On Friday, I really do appreciate it so much! Have a good weekend! xx

  3. I love all the projects you have been making and for such a wonderful cause, too. Your hyacinths are so beautiful. Wishing you a great weekend, Pat :)

  4. Sweet knitting & crochet going on in your home! So colourful & cheerful it was a pleasure to visit today from Amy's link up!

  5. Your socks are brilliant, I am a hopeless knitter and would never attempt a pair but hand knitted socks are the best. I have three pairs knitted by a friend.
    I can almost smell your hyacinths.

  6. Congratulations on your first knitted stockings, pretty color. I worked with autistic children a number of years ago, a very interesting experience.

  7. Welcome to 5 on Fruday. You have slotted in perfectly!! I too made socks with Cgrustine, it's fun and she's so approachable. Have you seen her split mittens? I too intend to crochet for Jill. Just haven't pulled my finger out yet. And... I hope to make a tweedle mitt too. Great 5 post. Welcome!

  8. I'm so jealous. Everyone in the UK knows how to knit and I can only crochet.

    Is it a required subject in school or just in the genes?

  9. This was a really nice "five", and you should join in every week! Your first knitted pair of socks look wonderful. I have still not conquered my fear of turning the heel, but really, you came through it alright didn't you? Maybe I should face the fear because I'd love to knit socks (I do know how to knit in the round, so halfway there). Glad you got out for a lovely springtime walk in the fresh air! The hazel tree looks amazing. Have a great weekend!

  10. Love the stripey socks and the hyacinths - I've clearly got a pink thing going on this week :)


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