Monday, 1 February 2016

New month, New shoots

It is February already and January seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. January always seems to be a difficult month, usually cold and grey with too many bugs floating around and Spring a long way off. Maybe it is a sign of getting older but for some crazy reason time appears to pass more quickly these days. January has passed quietly without any major problems so I am grateful for that. 

These lovely hyacinth bulbs were discovered in the sale just before Christmas but I did not get around to planting them until the beginning of January. They had already started to sprout, probably in protest at not being planted, but I loved their shiny, purple skins. New buds always give me pleasure and provide a hint of Spring to come.

The first bowl I found was not big enough to take all 5 bulbs so had to have another search as I wanted to plant them together.

This bowl had been in the conservatory full of pretty pebbles but was just about big enough to squeeze all 5 bulbs in. Great, into a cool, dark place in the hope roots would grow and catch up with the shoots.

Oh dear............. spot the mistake that may not be obvious from the photo above.
The sides of the bowl are rounded and the roots have grown down round the side of the bowl, pulling the bulbs with them resulting in this..........

......... not quite the effect I had been looking for!

They don't look too bad sitting on the dresser and I'm fascinated to know how the flower spikes will grow. Will they grow upright or at an angle too?

Better luck was had with pots of supermarket daffodils. 
(Probably because someone else had planted them.)

Just 50p each and they have given so much pleasure, growing, budding 

and finally flowering today, just in time for the new month.

Maybe Spring is not too far away.

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  1. Love your curly hyacinths! I bought my Mum a mini narcissus kit for Christmas, she has very green fingers, they are 18" high with 18 blooms!!!


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