Monday, 15 February 2016

Stitching Together (JETS February 2016)

Well, I think I can safely say the February JETS meeting on Saturday was a success. We started the group last September and initially it was difficult to find a regular meeting place, which led to a few complications. But with the help of some super people in our local community we now use the Parish Council meeting hall. This is a lovely building which has been converted from the old village Cartshed.

Logo by Mike Spike

Now we are becoming more established, numbers in the group are steadily rising. There were 4 new faces on Saturday and there was a lovely buzz with everyone busy and chatting. The age range of the students is from 5 to 12 years and with the volunteers, mums and a few grandparents it created a lovely atmosphere. 

There was lots of industry too.

Three students chose to finish their Miss Mouse project from January and add lots of embellishments to their mice.

Whiskers and tails and lots of sparkle.

This is a fairy mouse with delicate silver wings.

The rest of the group learned to do cross stitch and make hearts for someone special.

There was a choice of working on Binka or Aide

And these dinky plastic frames kindly donated by a member of our Guild made excellent embroidery hoops.

The cross stitch heart was then stitched onto fabric.

This one was carefully positioned so the Owl peeped over the top of the cross stitch.

Backing fabric and stuffing were added, then great concentration (and a little bit of help) to cut the heart out with pinking shears.

Here are the completed hearts with added bows, beads and ribbon.

Look at that neat stitching above from our 5 years old student. She had never stitched before coming to our January meeting. I think she may take after her Grandmother who is a very talented stitcher.

Some of the older students who are more experienced created their own cross stitch designs.

Here are mother and daughter hearts. 

Mum joined in because she wanted a heart too and her daughter was planning to give her's to Grandma.

It was such a pleasure seeing everyone go home happy with their creations after a busy morning stitching together. 

I just hope they are looking forward to the March meeting as much as I am!

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