Thursday, 4 February 2016

Travel Bag for sock knitting

The sock knitting is making progress all be it very slowly, but there has been lots of crocheting and sewing too.

 I actually managed to turn my first heel last weekend without too many difficulties. I think that was mainly due to Christine Perry's excellent book Super Socks. She takes you through each step with clear pictures at every stage, whether you use a small circular needle, DPNs or a long circular needle. I am using a small circular needle and DPNs and just getting the hang of using the continental method of knitting with the yarn round the left hand. Don't look too closely as my tension leaves a little to be desired but there are no holes, just the odd wobbly stitch.

I love the way sock knitting is so transportable. It is small and light and would easily fit into a bag so great for taking round to my mother's house, waiting for physio appointments or trips to the hospital. The only problem is I use a small handbag, (it is so much easier to deal with when you use crutches) but it is not big enough to squeeze my knitting into.

I have taken it in a larger bag to appointments but the ball of wool has tried, with some success, to escape, which can be rather embarrassing. Scrabbling behind people's chairs in a waiting room tends to causes a bit of chaos, not to mention odd looks.

So there had to be a solution to this problem.
I enjoy making bags so why not a travel bag for sock knitting.

And here it is............

The pattern is a bit like origami with two squares of fabric. A few simple seams and a couple of folds and you have a draw-string bag with a pocket on each side.  The contrasting fabric creates the interior of the side pockets, so there are no raw edges.

Plenty of room for the knitting............ 

................ and pockets for accessories such as stitch markers, and scissors.

It is big enough to keep the DPNs safe when they are not in use.

Everything is wrapped up neatly and ready for adventures.

 Whilst working on the sock the ball of wool can sit inside the bag to stop it rolling around.

It is working well at home so I am looking forward to testing it out in the wider world.
 It might lead to some sock knitting adventures!

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