Thursday, 28 April 2016

Spring Birds (JETS in March)

Although March was a strange month JETS junior textile group went ahead as usual. You can find out more about the group here. It has taken me a while to upload and post the photos! We decided to make some Spring Birds that could be hung as decorations to welcome the new season.

First cut out a circle and wings in felt and decorate them. M decided she wanted a goggly eyed bird so chose lovely big buttons.

Some of the older members of the group learned to do fly stitch to create a feather effect.

Fold your circle and stitch the edges together. Lots of concentration needed to do blanket stitch. (I have just noticed the pin holding the beak in place which looks rather dangerous, but there were no accidents, so phew, care must have been taken.)

Add a beak and legs whilst stitching together and stuff your bird with wadding. Some students added tails and finally add a ribbon to hang your bird up.

Here are our flock of Spring Birds.

I love the way every bird has it's own character!

There was more fun at this month's meeting but as it was a two session project I'll post about that next month.

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