Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Finishing Off (JETS in June)

Our JETS meeting last Saturday turned out to be more of a finishing off day rather than a mini cottages day. There were just over half our usual number, both in students and volunteers, because so much is going on at this time of year. School Fairs, Swimming Galas, holidays and many more activities make it a very busy time of year. However, we had a very relaxed, happy session with lots of chat and laughter. 

More Cottage Needlecases were completed.

Carefully stitching the inside to the outer cover

L. almost finished

H. was very pleased to finish her cottage

L. had missed a session so did very well to finish her cottage 

I. created a mini cottage to attach to her scissors so she will not loose them. She remembered how to do Lazy Daisy stitch to create her flowers so it will match her Needlecase.

H. decided to get on with a kit of a doll she had been given as a gift. She has really got the hang of blanket stitch. Look at those lovely neat stitches.

C. was busy with her entry for the Regional Day Junior competition. She was concentrating so much I was unable to take a proper photograph of it!

As an extra activity there were materials to make woven butterflies. Lots were made but they flew off before I managed to take pictures of them all!

A. presented me with this one at the end of the session.

It was really kind of her and I think I shall make it into a brooch.

There will be one more meeting in July before the summer break. I am sure everyone will be ready for a rest before thinking of new ideas for September.


  1. Maybe she can teach me blanket stitch because I am dreadful at it. Love the wonderful projects.

    1. I was thrilled to see how well H was doing as she found blanket stitch quite challenging to begin with. A very determined little girl who really perseveres.


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