Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Shirley the Sheep

Hello, my name is Shirley. Shirley the Sheep but my friends call me Shirl.

My Maker, Annie (that's her up in the corner) has let me loose on her blog to tell you all about myself, my friends and adventures.

I am a Yorkshire sheep. Now that may seem odd because I was created in Buckinghamshire but I am definitely a Yorkshire Sheep. You see, I am made from tapestry wool from the Coats mill in Holmfirth, Yorkshire and my coat is mohair from the British Mohair Spinners. Sadly BMS is no longer there as the mill in Low Baildon, West Yorkshire was closed down many years ago. My coat was made from a scrap left over in My Maker's stash, so you could say I was Vintage. She has a very nice cardigan in it, that is still going strong after many years, so you can tell it is good stuff.

It is probably best if you do not look too closely at my bare wool because I look as if I have sat in something unpleasant. Something to do with dye lot, whatever that might be. Hopefully no one can tell when I have my coat on and I would rather not take it off as I feel a little naked without it. 

Do you like my flowers? Hand crafted they are, just like the rest of me.

I shall be going on an adventure soon to Yarndale.
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This is a wonderful festival of yarny things held every year in Skipton, Yorkshire. Yarndale is held at the Auction Mart where the cattle market is normally. Each year there is a creative project that everyone is invited to join in with and then money is raised from the project for good causes. Last year it was Flowers for Memories raising funds for the Alzheimer's Society. This year the creative project is all about sheep. There will be a Grand Woolly Sheep sale for Martin House Hospice and I am GOING. Little me off on an adventure!

Errr excuse me, but could I just check, I am going to a new home, not for lamb chops? 

Phew, My Maker says there will be a new home if I behave myself as my stuffing would not be tasty even if it was smothered in mint sauce.
Mint sauce? That would ruin my coat.

Anyway here are a few of my friends 

This is Nana Sheep. She is a bit of a matriarch and tries to boss us all around but we just agree with her then do what we like.

She has got a bit of a wonky back leg, so we have to be kind to her. 
Nana is quite a character really and good fun. 

Hannah hails from the Hebrides with her brown fleece and is a bit shy. 

Tessa isn't shy by any means and is always swanking about her tweed coat. She claims she is always cold and needs to wear that scarf but how can a sheep be cold? 
(Particularly a stuffed one made of wool).

Hector likes to pretend he is a Herdwick Sheep but he is as white as snow under that fluffy, brown coat.
His coat is made from BMS mohair too, just like mine, so he is a top notch sheep.

Apparently only one of us can go to Yarndale otherwise the organisers would be inundated. You know what sheep are like for flocking together and causing mayhem.  

I'm off on an Adventure - Yippee

What do you mean "Get in the envelope"?

I thought it would be First Class luxury travel as I am the chosen one.
First Class stamp - oh okay, every sheep has to start her adventures somewhere. 

Note from My Maker

If you would like to join in the Yarndale creative project all the details can be found here.Shirley, Nana, Hannah and Tessa are crocheted and all made from Lucy's pattern at Attic 24 and can be found here. Although only one sheep can be submitted per person to the Woolly Sheep sale, Lucy has very kindly given permission for people to use her pattern to raise funds for other charities. Nana, Hannah and Tessa (and maybe a few more) will be sold in aid of Macmillan Nurses in memory of a very good friend and textile buddy. Hector is knitted and made from Frankie Brown's pattern 'Sheep in Sheep's Clothing' a free download on Frankie's Ravelry page hereHector will be staying with me and will not be for sale.


  1. Oh, I LOVE your sheep! Shirley looks like she's doing some nifty footwork and I think Hector looks perfect as a Herdwick. Shirley will be very loved by her new owner and will be doing a wonderful thing raising money for Martin's House as well xx

  2. Shirley is definitely a character and all her friends seem to have their own personality too! It was your post with the Herdwick sheep that inspired Hector's coat Christine x

  3. Shirley is a delight! I am sure it was hard to let her go, she is such good company. I was hoping she was on her way to me, but alas I was wrong. Have a wonderful adventure Shirley, and if I was close I would buy you and bring you home!

  4. I am sure Shirley would have loved to come and live with you Meredith as she would have great fun with Little Buddy. Her friends are missing her but looking toward to new homes too!


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