Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Magazine Gifts (Part 1) Mollie Makes

Magazines have always been a treat. Since I was a child and allowed to walk to the newsagents for a Bunty comic, a new magazine has always held excitement. I am not sure if it is the crisp new paper or the anticipation of new ideas, but I still get pleasure from opening a brand new magazine. Long ago if the Bunty comic had a dress-up doll to cut out on the back page it was extra special. The tabs to hold the clothes on the cardboard doll never worked but that did not matter. It was the process of cutting out and making that was important and I often designed my own clothes from scraps of paper and colouring pencils for the bendy, wobbly doll.

Many (many!) years later I still feel the same thrill of a new magazine and if there is a free gift attached, even better. I was given a subscription to Homemaker last Christmas and it is always a surprise when it pops through the letter box each month. Recently I took out a subscription to Mollie Makes, mainly because it was an excellent offer that included the latest Great British Sewing Bee Book for free. I had planned to buy the book and the magazine offer was cheaper than the price of the book so it would have been crazy not to. (That is my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

Last week my first Mollie Makes magazine came through the door and it had a free crochet gift attached. Inside the envelope was a card with five brightly coloured yarns and a small plastic hook and inside the magazine were instructions for making a Flower Garland designed by Hannah Cross.
As soon as my chores were finished I took it out into the garden, wound the wool into balls and had a go at creating some of the flowers. The fact that I have several "works in progress" including socks for Yarndale, a knitted shawl and a crochet blanket, to name just a few, that all need attention, I had to try out the "free kit". This probably indicates I have never grown up properly and quickly revert to the child cutting out the dress-up doll.

There did not appear to be very much yarn, not unsurprisingly as it fitted into an envelope, and I was doubtful about how many flowers could be created. So it was great to find there was enough for each of the flowers and leaves illustrated and spare yarn to make some extras. I used a metal hook rather than the plastic one provided.

Garlands are not really my thing so decided to make a small summer wreath instead.
There were enough flowers and leaves, when set out, to add to a hoop.

A 6 inch embroidery hoop was just about right and I used the same method as the Attic 24 Mouse Bower I had completed earlier in the year.

The Mouse Bower was a plastic hoop frame with a hanger but as I did not have one I opted for a wooden embroidery hoop. I seem to have a stack of these acquired over the years. 

Strips of cotton bound round the edge gave it enough padding for the crocheted sleeve.

The yarn for the crochet sleeve was left over from my ripple blanket as the colour blended with the cheerful flowers quite well. Sorry about the rubbish photos but they were taken in the late evening.

After some thought and messing about, I was happy with the placement of the flowers with the help of some pins and stitching began.

Stitching the flowers on was rather fiddly but not as difficult as getting the mice to sit on the bower had been!

Here is the finished wreath complete with a crocheted loop to hang it up. It looks very cheerful on my workroom wall and fits in well with the felted poppies.

Now I really must get back to those Yarndale socks........


  1. I love the summer wreath such an impressive make.

  2. Oh fantastic - I am going to subscribe to Mollie makes too soon x

    1. We must get you crocheting Stephanie as I did promise to help ages ago xx


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