Monday, 29 August 2016

Magazine Gifts (Part 2) Homemaker

As I mentioned in my last post I was gifted a subscription to Homemaker magazine last Christmas. There seem to be a great many craft, stitch, knit, home magazines on the market now and I was introduced to Homemaker magazine by a friend. It has brought a lot of pleasure this year as it dropped through the letterbox each month. This month it had a small pack of fabric attached in bright colours.

There was also a leaflet with ideas and instructions of how the fabric could be used. This included hexagon bunting, lavender bags, camera strap and other fun suggestions.

Last year I began to create covers and panels for notebooks and journals, which I sold at craft fairs along with other crafty handmade gifts. 

AnnieOBTextiles Felted Panel Journals

For a variety of reasons I have not attended any craft fairs this year, but recently decided  to build up my stock again and maybe do a few fairs in the run up to Christmas. 

AnnieOBTextiles Linen Notebook Covers

The bright and bold fabric of the magazine gift suggested notebook cover to me immediately. There was approximately an eighth of a yard of each fabric so together with some cotton and linen fabric I like to use, it worked out well. The cotton and linen gives some body to the cover and works as a good base for applique decoration.

I used the bright yellow fabric as edging and cut out sections of the blue pattern to create flowers on the cover and the page marker.

The inside is lined in the blue fabric and a piece of the yellow makes a good pocket for little notes or bits and pieces.

As luck would have it there was a toning blue ribbon in my stash for the page marker and book ties. 

I am really pleased with how it has turned out. The fabric is much bolder and brighter than the ditsy cotton fabrics I usually choose but I love it. Maybe I need to be braver in my fabric choices.

The free machine stitched slogan of 'Sew Happy' really sums up my mood. I shall be looking for more bright, cheery fabrics in the future 
(or is that just a good excuse to go fabric shopping!).



  1. Your books are amazing, I would scoop them up right away if I saw them at a craft fair. Hugs,

  2. I love your notebooks, I think they are truly stunning. You really have got these down to a fine art. Just totally superb!

    1. Wow, thank you Selma, that's really kind of you. I enjoy making them and have lots of ideas for new ones.


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