Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Summer Flower Needlecases

The garden is always an inspiration for my stitching and much of my work seems to feature flowers. This is the latest set of Needlecases that have been completed this week.

Liberty fabrics have always been a favourite and a pack of off-cuts have sat in the fabric drawer for some time. (So long that I am not sure where they came from!) Instead of getting them out, admiring them and then putting them back "for another time" I decided to use them. 

Strips of Liberty fabric were added to linen and cotton fabric leaving a space for some hand embroidery. This was backed with felt to give a soft but firm foundation. The best bit (to my mind) is creating the embroidery, deciding which  flowers to create and colours and stitches to use. This is normally freestyled because although I know I should sketch and draw more, it is not really my thing. In fact I  am a little afraid of drawing, which is very silly and wish I could be more relaxed about taking pencil to paper. Sketchbooks of a sort do exist but are generally used in fits and starts, normally for  particular projects or when attending a workshop.  Although I have frequently started a routine of drawing for 10 minutes a day, enthusiasm wains after a week or so...... 
........ perhaps more discipline is required.

Once the embroidery is complete, construction can take place. More pieces of Liberty fabric were used to line the needlecases and the edges bound with twisted embroidery floss. Felt is cut for the inside leaves, one white and one in a colour that tones with the cover and is stitched into the centre. A rolled elastic loop and button are attached to fasten the completed needlecase. 
All they need now are some needles and pins.

Marguerite Daisies

Tulips and For-get-me-nots

Blue Daisies


Echinacea and buttercups
It has been a while since I have been in a stitching mood as finding the time to concentrate for any length of time seems to have escaped me. Completing this small project has helped to get my mojo back and there are lots of ideas buzzing for new Journal/Notebook covers. Hopefully they will be ready to share soon.

The needlecases are now in my Etsy shop
or you can find them over on my Facebook page. 


  1. These cases so lovely. How I admire your embroidery skills. I love Liberty Fabrics and the floral designs. I hope you're having a fabulous week. Pat xx

  2. Thank you Pat, I really enjoyed making them after a long period of doing very little hand embroidery.


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