Wednesday, 14 September 2016

JETS - September 2016

JETS (Junior Embroiderers' & Textile Students) group met for the first session of the new school term on Saturday. We had had a break over the summer except for being involved in the local children's activities week at our local centre, Medbourne Pavilion. It always surprises me how much the children grow over summer holiday. In just over six weeks they all seem to have gained several inches in height. It must be all that sun, fresh air and freedom to run  around.

All the children were quite tired after their first week back at school but enthusiastic to start stitching again. We were making name badges to help us (mainly the adult volunteers!) to remember their names. There was a choice of hedgehog, rabbit and flower, which increased in challenge with the flower needing the most cutting and embroidery.  

Shapes were cut out and names stitched on.

A backing was cut and stitched in place.

Careful over stitching around the edge.

Hedgehogs need stitched spines.

Lily has only been stitching for a short time and learned to do French Knots.

Charlotte decided to decorate her flower with tiny sequins.

The final task was to stitch a safety pin on the back 

Here are the completed badges.

Everyone managed to complete their badge in the two hour session. 
A great start to our new stitching term.
Please remember to bring your badges in October girls!


  1. They are just lovely and I love seeing those little hands busy at work.

    1. It is lovely to see them having fun stitching and learning at the same time.

  2. Inspirational, great projects for me to try with my Grandaughter. They certainly have a talent for sewing.

    1. I hope your Granddaughter enjoys making some badges too!

  3. I'm sure the children were pleased to start stitching again after the Summer break. Their badges are lovely and each one unique.

  4. Fabulous work. I miss working with our YE group

    1. It is a pleasure working with the children.


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