Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Autumn Wreath

It has taken a little while but the Autumn Wreath from last month's Pocket and Pin box is complete. I began this earlier in the month and mentioned it previously in this post.

The box included a fat quarter, a woodland themed felt pack, ribbons, a selection of buttons and thread.

It inspired me to create an autumn wreath for the door and intended including much of the contents of the box.

I began with a foam ring that had been around for a while and wrapped some strips of hessian around it. The hessian had been around longer than the ring and had been cut up from a potato bag and kept 'just in case'. Funny how these things can come in handy.

The ribbon came next and creating some creatures and bits and pieces for the wreath. 


Baby hedgehog

Pumpkins and mice. 
The first mouse was almost as big as the hedgehog, so a smaller one was created.

Three types of leaves were cut out from the remaining pieces of felt.



and Sycamore.

The Sycamore leaves have a wrapped wire 'vein' so they could be bent and shaped.

The leaves were pinned in place first

and then the bits and pieces added.

There were quite a few changes, rearrangements and cutting out of extra leaves until I was happy with it.
The final arrangement.


The lovely fat quarter and cute buttons from the box did not make it onto the wreath but may be used to create a woodland themed journal.

The door is looking very smart with its new autumnal decoration and I am pretty pleased with the way it has turned out.

Now I really should get back to some Christmas present making.


  1. It is fantastic, I am in love with the hedgehog, I have always wanted one!

    1. He was fun to make and I must try making a bigger one.


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