Friday, 25 November 2016

JETS November 2016

Goodness where has the last two weeks gone. Time seems to be flying by and it is hard to believe December begins next week and preparations for Christmas will begin in earnest. It is almost two weeks since our last JETS meeting and I have only just got round to sorting out the photos ready to share. 
It was a busy meeting with lots going on because the sewing machine bought with the grant we were given had arrived. Eeeek excitement all round - the children were quite excited too.

The original plan was to create fireworks pictures as our meeting was shortly after Diwali and Bonfire Night. The sewing machine added a new activity of stitching simple lavender bags so that hopefully everyone would get a turn using the machine. The meeting room was turned into a hive of industry with the sewing machine whirring away; filling lavender bags; couching wool fibres and other materials to black felt; applying sparkly fabric using the clover iron and bonda web and stitching sequins. There was a real buzz with everyone busy and to my total amazement all the girls completed (or almost) both activities in two hours. Here is some (quite a lot!) of their work.

Getting to grips with the new machine.

Couching wool fibres in spirals

C used sparkly fabric to couch into a starburst

Using the mini Clover iron to apply sparkly fabric

Adding extra details with metallic cords and thread

Some of the completed projects.
Looking back through my photographs I think some of them went home to share their work before I could take final pictures.

It was a really enjoyable morning and it was great to see the children's growing confidence developing new skills.

It is only two weeks until the December meeting when we will be making hoop and tassel tree decorations and machine stitched lace cards. 
Fingers crossed it all goes as smoothly as this month!


  1. What a fabulous selection on work and such a thriving group too by the sound of it. They clearly have a great time with you.

  2. Thanks Gina, it's amazing how much more confident they are becoming.

  3. They certainly are an impressive group, some wonderful work using lots of skills.

    1. They are so eager to learn, it is a delight to work with them.

  4. These lovely little projects made me smile. Those children are blessed to have you Anne.

    1. Thank you Meredith, the children inspire me so it is a pleasure to work with them.


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