Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Baby Blanket - Ta Dah Moment

The baby blanket that has been in progress for the last few weeks is now finished.
Although it is perhaps not really done to say so ones self, I am pretty pleased with it.
There was no definite plan or pattern just a desire to create a blanket from different patterned squares. The five patterns I used were

Heart shaped bobbles

Double half shells

Crossed trebles

Corner to corner

Single half shells

I made four of each pattern to make a four by five square blanket. Big enough for a pram (sorry 'travel system' I was informed the other day!) or car seat without being too bulky. The yarn used is a mix of cotton and merino.

Blocking came next in an effort to get the squares to approximately the same size. My tension must be questionable as some squares of the same stitch had to be coaxed to match each other. They took several days to dry thoroughly, which led to some impatience, humming and tutting but finally they were ready for stitching together.

It took a number of changes of mind and moving squares around to decide on the final arrangement before stitching them all together.

It had been my intention to do a foundation row of double crochet (uk terms) and a border of bobble stitch but it just did not look right. After a little more experimentation I used four rows of double crochet and a final row of half treble shells.

The border finishes it off neatly and blends in well with the five different patterns.

The baby is due at the end of next month so there is still time for a few more makes before he/she arrives. We do not know what it will be as my niece and her husband have chosen not to find out, so it will be a lovely surprise for us all.


  1. What a lucky baby. Your blanket is beautiful. B x

    1. Thank you, we are looking forward to meeting him or her.

  2. It is beautiful, such a lovely design I love the heart square. The perfect gift for a new baby.

  3. It is beautiful Anne, I'm sure it will be treasured.

    1. It should wash well and I know my niece will enjoy and care for it.

  4. It is stunning! I love all the variations in the stitches.

  5. It is a beautiful blanket. You've chosen lovey patterns for the squares and they look wonderful sewn together and finished off with the border. It is a very thoughtful new baby gift and I'm sure this will be very much appreciated by both baby and parents. x


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