Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Puppy Love JETS February 2017

It was very busy at JETS last Saturday with lots going on. There is a fine balance preparing activities that will last 2 hours with no one getting bored and having too much to do so projects are not completed. I over egged the custard on Saturday and we ran out of time BUT everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and went home happy - clutching bits of thread and embellishments to finish off at home.

The activities were a soft toy puppy stitched on the sewing machine and finished by hand and a scrap fabric heart brooch.

Learning to stitch round curves

Cutting out ears and a tail

Stuffing your puppy

The heart brooch was made with pieces of fabric scraps, lace and sparkly threads bonda webbed to a piece of felt and covered with a piece of voile. A heart shape was drawn onto the "new" fabric and embroidered.

This was to be cut out and placed on another piece of felt for the backing with a pin attached. Stitched together and the excess backing cut off your brooch is ready to wear. 

Only we did not manage to get that far!

Everyone created their scrappy fabric and started the embroidery but the puppy-making took longer than I had expected. So everyone went home with a puppy and a part made brooch with bits and pieces to finish them off. Well, it is half term here this week so hopefully it will have been a good activity to complete on a grey day like today. 

The puppies were much loved and all seemed to have their own character.

Some of the puppies have button eyes, while others have beads or french knots. It is lovely to see the children developing their skills and make their own creative choices. 

It just remains for me to develop my skills in balancing the right amount of work to keep everyone busy and interested and not overwhelmed!

My grateful thanks goes to our band of volunteers who happily oversaw the machine sewing, stuffing, cutting out, ironing bonda web, embroidery and button stitching. Hopefully next month will be a little less hectic with a combined machine and hand stitched project.   



  1. Those puppies look amazing, you all do such a great job with the young ones, it is so lovely to see.

  2. It is such a pleasure to see them enjoying stitching and making things.

  3. Wonderful projects. These little ones are learning so much from you.

  4. Hi Annie, I'd love for my girls to join your JETS group. They'd really like the puppies and heart brooch. And it's wonderful that they have you and other talented ladies to teach them how to make these things. x


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